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Was your childhood about watching rallies and admiring race cars? Does the roar of the engine and the screech of the brakes evoke positive emotions in you? We offer you the opportunity to become part of a team of engineers who develop the chassis of a racing car. We can help you gain experience in a design environment and improve your organisational and communication skills. We are not looking for a finished engineer, but someone with a passion for racing cars and the world around them.

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Mladá Boleslav
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What you're gonna do:

  • Support activities with CAD data (administration, positioning)
  • Working with the BOM
  • Orders of materials, components
  • Communication with suppliers from the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Creation of manuals and guides

It'll be up to you:

  • CAD support: draw the part in CAD based on the designer's specifications
  • PLM (product life management): helping engineers with data management. Responsibility for making sure that the data in the PLM system is in order.
  • Change service: in the case of a change to a serial part (e.g. different wheels on a car), the approval of the head of development is required. Presenting the change, explaining why it is required.
  • General technician support: e.g. market research, supplier overview. Any other administrative changes related to drawings. E.g. change on drawing stamp

What you're gonna use:

  • CAD- specifically Catia V5
  • Windchill
  • Office

What we need:

  • Experience with CAD programs (ideally CATIA)
  • At least a high school, university degree in mechanical engineering or similar
  • English at least B1
  • When you hit an obstacle, you don't get stuck, you speak up. We're not a formula, we're a rally, we keep going on three wheels.
  • An eye for detail and the ability to hold multiple deadlines and information in your head at once. A deadline is a deadline, a delivery date is a delivery date, the dates have to fit - the train doesn't run over it.
  • Passion for cars and motorsport

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to work in the rally world and not just watch it on TV
  • Average age around thirty, that means open minds not stuck in old ruts
  • 2 days homeoffice per week
  • Classic benefits such as 25 days of vacation, meal allowances, commuting allowances and more see below

What you can look forward to

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