This document has been prepared by the author of the Devinn.cz website and governs the use of the Devinn.cz website ("Site") by third parties ("Users").

Before using the Site, the User should first familiarize himself with the following rules for its use ("Rules"). If the User does not agree with the Rules, he should leave the Site and not use it anymore, because the use of the Devinn.cz Site automatically implies the User's agreement with the Rules.

Ownership of Site Content

The owner and operator of the Devinn.cz website is Devinn s.r.o. The Site may display information provided by Devinn.cz's contractual partners, which is owned by these entities.

Restrictions on the use of the content of the Site

Users are not authorized to:
  • archive, distribute or disclose to any third party any information contained on the Site; or
  • use the content of the Site for systematic processing, combining with other works of authorship, creating databases or activities other than browsing the Site for the User's personal use.
  • Use of the Site by a User outside of his/her personal use is an unauthorized interference with the rights of Devinn.cz and may also be an unauthorized interference with the rights of third parties providing information made available and distributed through the Site.

Users may not:

  • interfere with the technical or content design of the Site; and
  • use the information contained herein in violation of applicable law.

Exclusion of liability

Each User uses the Site at their own risk. Although the content of the Site has been obtained from sources deemed reliable and trustworthy by the author, Devinn.cz is not responsible for:

  • the timeliness, completeness, truthfulness, timeliness or accuracy of any information, data and statements contained on the Sites that are taken from publicly available sources or provided by third parties (e.g. possible delays in displaying current prices of investment instruments traded on foreign markets);
  • any direct or indirect damage resulting from the temporary or permanent impossibility of using their content;
  • the truthfulness, content and form of third party advertising on the Site;
  • the obligations of third parties who offer their services through the Site; and
  • the content of websites linked to from the Site.

Devinn.cz does not guarantee the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Site.

Contact us to resolve any difficulties with the Site or non-commercial use of the Site

In case of technical difficulties in using the Site or interest in non-commercial use of the information provided on the Site, the User may contact the Site administrator via e-mail info@devinn.cz

Informative nature of the Site

The information provided on the Site is for informational purposes only. Unless otherwise indicated by the content of the Site, the information published on the Site does not constitute legal, tax or investment advice, investment recommendations or analysis of investment opportunities and cannot be considered as a proposal to conclude a contract.

Possibility to unilaterally change the Site or the Rules

Devinn.cz reserves the right to change or remove any part of the content of the Site at any time without prior notice to Users. Devinn.cz also reserves the right to change the Rules at any time without prior notice to Users. Any change to the Rules shall be effective against the User at the time the new version of the Rules is published on the Site.

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