Fuel cell integration, battery applications, e-mobility

We can assemble aggregates for use in transport from sub-assemblies such as a fuel cell, battery or electric motor, or build an energy (battery or hydrogen) storage facility from these elements. However, we also provide consultation, prototype construction and subsequent series production.


Battery and DC/DC technology

For the correct operation of energy sources, it is necessary to parameterize key properties so that the designed system works optimally in a specific environment. We parameterize these key features, set up their communication and manufacture them.

Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Battery electric mobility requires sufficient charging points. We are particularly interested in DC/DC chargers, which we operate together with hydrogen and battery systems, or photovoltaics.

Energy systems

The key physical parameters of hydrogen include the energy density it can store. This makes hydrogen a suitable battery in the energy sector. We design, engineer, parameterise and build the systems.

Hydrogen systems development and integration

We integrate complete systems (including support systems such as cooling, H2 pressure lines, DC/DC, etc.) of the hydrogen fuel cell into existing equipment - e.g. conversion of a hydrogen truck, integration into mining machines, etc.

Battery storage

We are able to establish communication with the individual battery blocks, assembling them into blocks with the parent control system that manages the storage.

Validation of the whole

We will validate the developed and assembled units to ensure that they comply with the legislation of the place of use.

Transport ADR

We are certified to transport H2 equipment and battery storage.

What customers say...

Our cooperation with DEVINN on the hydrogen prototype of the Tatra special has begun.
The human, but at the same time professional approach of the entire team allows both parties to discover the specifics of each other's fields and thanks to this we are gradually expanding our joint activities.
The level of flexibility and expertise combined with effective and friendly communication makes DEVINN a partner with great potential for development and implementation.
Kamil Košt'ál, tatra trucks
We see DEVINN as an important partner for development activities in the field of electromobility. They have enough quality human resources - as a company, we don't have to worry about them not being able to cope with whatever today's trends in the automotive sector require.
DEVINN is not only our supplier but also our customer. We see it as an important customer for charging technology - AC and DC charging stations, which are manufactured by our company Olife Energy.
Miroslav Vejman, Olife energy

Hydrogen Tatra development

From 2020, we are part of a project to develop a hydrogen Tatra, the aim of which is the complete construction of a mining special with a fuel cell and electric drive. DEVINN is the integrator of the fuel cell and hydrogen system, including electric traction.

H2BASE mobile hydrogen energy generator

In 2020, we launched a unique device - an electricity and heat generator that uses hydrogen instead of fossil fuels. Thanks to hydrogen propulsion, it is a completely emission-free, clean technology, with only distilled water as waste. H2BASE finds its application as an alternative to diesel generators or for recharging electric vehicles.
More about H2BASE

Own hydrogen energy storage solution

At our headquarters in Jablonec nad Nisou, we have built our own hydrogen energy storage system. This consists of a solar power plant on the roof of the building, a hydrogen electrolyser, a 50-barrel hydrogen storage facility and, thanks to our hydrogen generator, the possibility of instant conversion of hydrogen into electrical and thermal energy.

Development of BMS unit for IBG

For the Czech company IBG we developed a BMS control unit for battery storage. The specificity of the project is the use of second-life batteries that can no longer be used to power electric cars. These batteries can be used as stationary energy storage, for example for households and small businesses.


Own hydrogen workplace

In Jablonec nad Nisou we have our own certified workplace for the development and testing of H2 applications. It is equipped with hydrogen leak detection systems with a superior system for clean air supply and contaminated air extraction. Monitored by PCO 24/7.

Comprehensive concept of electric drive

Whether the energy source is batteries or hydrogen, the systems we develop are always powered by an electric motor. We have experience with both hydrogen and battery storage and can therefore find the most suitable solution.

We use our solutions ourselves

In Jablonec we not only have our headquarters and hydrogen workplace, but we are also testing a prototype hydrogen energy storage system here - thanks to the interconnection of solar panels, electrolyzer and hydrogen storage system, we want to be as self-sufficient as possible and at the same time test the pilot operation of a similar system.

The only ones in the Czech Republic

Thanks to the real projects we have already successfully completed, we are the only ones in the hydrogen segment in the Czech Republic to integrate similarly powerful fuel cells. In addition, we can produce hydrogen, use it in applications, and transport it safely.

We're not stopping with the study

Instead of visions and studies, we market real solutions. In 2020, we introduced the H2BASE hydrogen fuel cell generator. A year later, we have already successfully powered the stage at Rock for People with it.

First-life and second life batteries

Based on projects like Watchdog, we have a lot of experience and data on the life cycle of a traction battery. As a result, we can work effectively with both first-life and second-life batteries and know the system as a whole and its individual parts.


Your data is safe with us. We are certified according to TISAX specifications.

The quality of our work is proven by other quality certificates such as ISO 9001.
More about our certifications

What do we work with?

Custom cylinder bundles

For our own purposes, we have developed special bundles for hydrogen cylinders. These allow for easier handling, but also for refilling the hydrogen at the public filling station.

Hydrogen workplace

At our headquarters in Jablonec, we can safely implement and test our (not only) hydrogen prototypes and products thanks to special facilities. We also produce green hydrogen here thanks to our own electrolyzer and solar panels.

Reducing station

In order to be able to conveniently replace an empty hydrogen tank with a new one, we have developed our own reduction station to which two sources can be connected - the station itself evaluates when one source is empty and automatically switches to the new one based on the pressure.
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