Accredited testing laboratory

We provide a comprehensive range of climatic, mechanical and electrical tests. We can simulate specific climatic conditions such as humidity, temperature and solar radiation repeatedly under the same conditions. Many of our tests are performed according to ISO 17025 accreditation and we also guarantee confidentiality when working with prototypes thanks to TISAX certification.


Climatic tests

The components tested can be loaded at temperatures ranging from -70 to +180 °C, while being exposed to relative humidity from 20 to 100%.

Solar simulation tests

Thanks to our SoLiSi test, we can simulate the light intensity of the Mediterranean sun. We can also combine this with other climatic conditions according to DIN 75220.

Vibration tests

Vibration is one of the basic stress elements for structural components. We can simulate vibrations of different intensities according to customer specifications.

Vibration tests accredited

Sine vibration tests according to ČSN EN 60068-2-6 ed.2 and broadband noise tests according to ČSN EN 60068-2-64 ed.2 (random broadband vibration).
Accreditation according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

Electrical tests

We can measure basic electrical quantities such as voltage, current and impedance. We can also measure the heating of components caused by the passage of electric current.
We perform the tests in our laboratory or at the customer's site.

Electrical tests accredited

We also perform specific accredited electrical tests:
Short circuit test of cable and circuit breaker system
Load tests of cable and circuit breaker system
Overload tests of cable and circuit breaker system for cable harnesses
Accreditation according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

What customers say...

Our cooperation with DEVINN on the hydrogen prototype of the Tatra special has begun.
The human, but at the same time professional approach of the entire team allows both parties to discover the specifics of each other's fields and thanks to this we are gradually expanding our joint activities.
The level of flexibility and expertise combined with effective and friendly communication makes DEVINN a partner with great potential for development and implementation.
Kamil Košt'ál, tatra trucks
We see DEVINN as an important partner for development activities in the field of electromobility. They have enough quality human resources - as a company, we don't have to worry about them not being able to cope with whatever today's trends in the automotive sector require.
DEVINN is not only our supplier but also our customer. We see it as an important customer for charging technology - AC and DC charging stations, which are manufactured by our company Olife Energy.
Miroslav Vejman, Olife energy

Applied development of a custom dual climate chamber

Based on the customer's need, in 2017 we started the development of our own dual climate chamber, which allows testing of components in a specific environment. Since 2018, thanks to two interconnected chambers, we can test two different conditions at the same time and simulate the real environment even better.

Vibration tests
of electrical components

In 2020, we started working with ŠKODA AUTO on a wide range of vibration testing projects. In order to increase the quality of our services for our customers, we obtained accreditation according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 in 2022.


Unique equipment

Our testing laboratory is equipped with the technology necessary for quality testing. For example, our dual climatic chamber is unique, which makes it possible to combine several climatic conditions at the same time.

Design of auxiliary brackets

As we are a development and mechanical design company, we are able to manufacture brackets and other ancillary elements of the test chain tailored to each test and component under test.

Full spectrum of tests

Thanks to our broad portfolio of test equipment, we are able to cover a very wide range of test conditions that can be combined with each other.

Working with confidential data

We grew up in the automotive sector, where data security is a given. With TISAX certification, we guarantee that any sensitive data for your projects is 100% safe with us.

Driving test replacement

Unlike driving tests, laboratory testing allows the same test conditions to be set up each time, which simplifies the evaluation of the test result.

We save time and money

We are able to replace a number of driving tests in the laboratory, which significantly saves time and financial costs for the customer and also minimizes the risk of information leakage.


Your data is safe with us. We are certified according to TISAX specifications.

The quality of our work is proven by other quality certificates such as ISO 9001.
More about our certifications


Climatic tests

Designed for temperature and humidity testing.
3x Weiss C_600_70_3

Volume 600 l (up to 2000 l when connected), dimensions 2500 x 80 x 90mm. Possibility to test two different climatic conditions at the same time.

SoLiSi tests (solar radiation simulation)

Určeny k testování teploty a slunečního záření.
Frekvenční rozsah záření  280  < λ > 3000nm. Intenzita max 1200 W / m². Možnost kombinace s klimatickými zkouškami.

Vibration tests

Designed to test specific vibration conditions.
Shaker: Dongling ES-10-240 + slip table - 3 axes.
Maximum force 10kN. Maximum acceleration 1000 m/s2. Maximum deflection 51 mm.
SDA-10 amplifier: output power 10 kW
Controller: Vibration_Research VR95004

Digital oscilloscope

HDO6054A- Teledyne LeCroy
Bandwidth - 0-500Mhz
Voltage 0-10V

Watertightness tests

Designed to simulate water spraying.
Max. 0.6 l/min at 400 kPa
Degree of protection IPX4
Tests according to ISO 20653

Other equipment

Current, voltage and temperature probes
Voltage and current supplies
Programmable electrical loads
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