Hydrogen energy storage

Tailored to your needs, we can design and implement a renewable energy storage system using green hydrogen production. Thanks to our H2BASE generator, you can then easily convert the hydrogen back into electricity and heat energy completely free ofCO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

how it works

Energy storage and hydrogen production

During the summer months, most PV plants generate surplus electricity. This goes in a hydrogen farm to an electrolyser that produces green hydrogen, which is then stored in a pressure vessel.

Hydrogen cogeneration

Around the beginning of the heating season, the use of green hydrogen comes into play. In the H2BASE generator, it is converted into heat and electrical energy using a fuel cell.


Energy self-sufficiency

Depending on the type and parameters of the building, it is often possible to achieve up to 80% energy independence without further insulation.

Own fuel source for hydrogen vehicles

Stored hydrogen from the summer months does not only have to flow into H2BASE. We can provide you with filling equipment so that you can also use your own hydrogen to power handling equipment or even buses.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Every kilowatt-hour of energy you don't have to buy from the grid saves approximately 430 grams ofCO2.

Power supply in case of blackout

1 kg of hydrogen is equivalent to about 16.5 kWh of electricity. The high energy density of a hydrogen battery makes it an ideal medium for long-term energy storage.

logistics centres

An ideal example of when it pays to consider a hydrogen energy storage solution. A large area of photovoltaics will often produce much more energy in the summer months than the storage building underneath will consume. It is therefore worth storing the excess energy in hydrogen. The hydrogen can then be converted back into electricity and heat in the winter months using an H2BASE generator or by powering handling equipment with it.

the first Energy Independent
industrial estate in the Czech Republic

We always test what we offer on ourselves first. The energy self-sufficiency of our building in Jablonec nad Nisou will be ensured by green hydrogen from September 2023.

support for community energy

Residential buildings or municipalities can also become more energy independent thanks to hydrogen. The entire hydrogen technology can be installed on the roof of a building and overlaid with photovoltaics. In this way, the installation does not restrict public space.

H2BASE hydrogen energy generator

Already in 2020, we have launched a unique device - a fuel cell generator of electrical and thermal energy. The fuel cell does not burn hydrogen in the conventional way, so the only emission is distilled water. H2BASE forms the other half of the hydrogen cycle. In the winter months, it converts stored hydrogen into electrical and thermal energy completely emission-free.
More about H2BASE


Turnkey energy independence

Our testing laboratory is equipped with the technology necessary for quality testing. For example, our dual climatic chamber is unique, which makes it possible to combine several climatic conditions at the same time.

Own products and development

As we are a development and mechanical design company, we are able to manufacture brackets and other ancillary elements of the test chain tailored to each test and component under test.

Practical experience

Thanks to our broad portfolio of test equipment, we are able to cover a very wide range of test conditions that can be combined with each other.

Established company

We grew up in the automotive sector, where data security is a given. With TISAX certification, we guarantee that any sensitive data for your projects is 100% safe with us.


Your data is safe with us. We are certified according to TISAX specifications.

The quality of our work is proven by other quality certificates such as ISO 9001.
More about our certifications

What customers say...

Our cooperation with DEVINN on the hydrogen prototype of the Tatra special has begun.
The human, but at the same time professional approach of the entire team allows both parties to discover the specifics of each other's fields and thanks to this we are gradually expanding our joint activities.
The level of flexibility and expertise combined with effective and friendly communication makes DEVINN a partner with great potential for development and implementation.
Kamil Košt'ál, tatra trucks
We see DEVINN as an important partner for development activities in the field of electromobility. They have enough quality human resources - as a company, we don't have to worry about them not being able to cope with whatever today's trends in the automotive sector require.
DEVINN is not only our supplier but also our customer. We see it as an important customer for charging technology - AC and DC charging stations, which are manufactured by our company Olife Energy.
Miroslav Vejman, Olife energy

The course of cooperation

We will prepare an initial study

To do this, we need to know the electricity consumption in each month, the installed (planned) capacity of the PV plant and the energy label of the building, or a quantification of the need for thermal energy.

We will design a tailor-made technical solution

We select the power of the electrolyzer, H2BASE (fuel cell), volume and type of hydrogen storage exactly according to your needs.

power specifications

We consult on subsidy and funding opportunities

Together with our partners, we will find the best solution to get you started with hydrogen.

We manage the project from component purchase to installation

We won't let you down. We communicate with suppliers and authorities, we know it's not an easy path, but we have been through it ourselves and we will gladly pass on our experience.

We assist in the approval and safety approval

We own one of the few approved hydrogen workplaces in the Czech Republic, so we know what a building must meet to make a hydrogen system truly safe.

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