Building prototypes and presenters

The current trend is to bring complete prototype verification into a virtual environment - yet we believe that physical prototypes have and will continue to have their place in development.


Production of functional prototypes

Thanks to our own workshop facilities, we are able to produce electromechanical units from our own or supplied production documentation.

Production of parts

According to our own or supplied documentation, we produce or cooperate with individual parts - including 3D printing technologies and e.g. casting materials into silicone moulds.

Assembly of electromechanical assemblies

Thanks to our know-how as well as our high-quality technical background, we are able to assemble and revive a complete assembly according to the customer's requirements.

Commissioning and recovery of prototypes

Prototypes need specific equipment and care to become operational. For commissioning, we design our own fixtures and components to get them up and running.

Validation of the whole

We physically test the manufactured prototype according to the customer's requirements in our own accredited testing laboratory. You do not have to deal with the capacities of external testing laboratories.

What customers say...

Our cooperation with DEVINN on the hydrogen prototype of the Tatra special has begun.
The human, but at the same time professional approach of the entire team allows both parties to discover the specifics of each other's fields and thanks to this we are gradually expanding our joint activities.
The level of flexibility and expertise combined with effective and friendly communication makes DEVINN a partner with great potential for development and implementation.
Kamil Košt'ál, tatra trucks
We see DEVINN as an important partner for development activities in the field of electromobility. They have enough quality human resources - as a company, we don't have to worry about them not being able to cope with whatever today's trends in the automotive sector require.
DEVINN is not only our supplier but also our customer. We see it as an important customer for charging technology - AC and DC charging stations, which are manufactured by our company Olife Energy.
Miroslav Vejman, Olife energy

Construction of the H2BASE hydrogen generator

By far the largest prototype we have ever developed was our own hydrogen generator - H2BASE. Thanks to hydrogen propulsion, it is a completely emission-free, clean technology with only distilled water as its waste.
More about H2BASE

Design and prototyping
of a custom headlight attachment

We developed additional headlights for Škoda Motorsport or Ondřej Klymčiw completely from the beginning. In both cases, this involved a long prototype part, where we could test the real driving characteristics and develop the entire headlight truly tailored to the racers.


Flexible access

First we listen, then we propose solutions. Whatever we do, we tailor it to the specific needs of the customer.

We target the result and the function

We make sure that the development of our prototypes prioritises function and usability above all else. Throughout the development process, we keep in mind the final function, which is always crucial for us.

Working with confidential data

We grew up in the automotive sector, where data security is a given. With TISAX certification, we guarantee that any sensitive data for your projects is 100% safe with us.

Not only prototypes

Our know-how starts with the first sketch and ends with a working prototype and series production. Prototypes are an important step in the development process, but we can go beyond that.


Your data is safe with us. We are certified according to TISAX specifications.

The quality of our work is proven by other quality certificates such as ISO 9001.
More about our certifications

What do we work with?

Prototype workshop

For the development of our prototypes, we use our own workshop equipped with advanced welding technology, lathe or technology necessary for cutting metal materials - for example, we use a cutting laser. We also provide production and assembly of our own electronic components.

Own 3D printer

Thanks to our own 3D printer, we can easily convert the visualization into a real environment, but we can also help ourselves in many situations where we need to produce, for example, part of the body of the final product.

Accredited testing laboratory

The entire development process requires intensive testing of various stress situations. For us, this testing is easier thanks to our own accredited testing laboratory a few metres from the development site.
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