Lighting technology

We have extensive experience in the development of additional headlights for ŠKODA Motorsport or the Dakar Rally drivers. Complexity is our strength - we can provide complete concept design, prototype production, laboratory and driving tests. We will complete the whole process with successful homologation and eventual transfer to series production.


Additional driving and working LED headlights

Lighting of the area in front of the vehicle is a very important factor in competitions. We develop all our headlights in cooperation with end users, which allows us to achieve top performance.

Approval of headlamps

We repeatedly carry out the homologation process and subsequent surveillance audits of serial production according to the approved documentation.

Production of headlights

We produce headlamps in both piece and small batch quantities and with different technologies (machining, casting). A separate part is the production of functional glass optics.

Headlight testing

Thanks to our accredited test laboratory, we test the electrical, mechanical and photometric properties of the headlights. In terms of functional tests, then stresses from climate, vibration and spraying.

What customers say...

We've been working with DEVINN for four years: we've been testing their products, specifically the driving light for rallying. We appreciate the friendliness and flexibility of the production team. The tested product has unexpected technical parameters. We are also very pleased that DEVINN is Czech.
Tomas Tomecek, Dakar Rally competitor
We see DEVINN as an important partner for development activities in the field of electromobility. They have enough quality human resources - as a company, we don't have to worry about them not being able to cope with whatever today's trends in the automotive sector require.
DEVINN is not only our supplier but also our customer. We see it as an important customer for charging technology - AC and DC charging stations, which are manufactured by our company Olife Energy.
Miroslav Vejman, Olife energy
Our cooperation with DEVINN on the hydrogen prototype of the Tatra special has begun.
The human, but at the same time professional approach of the entire team allows both parties to discover the specifics of each other's fields and thanks to this we are gradually expanding our joint activities.
The level of flexibility and expertise combined with effective and friendly communication makes DEVINN a partner with great potential for development and implementation.
Kamil Košt'ál, tatra trucks

Additional driving lights for ŠKODA Motorsport

Our headlights shine the light on the road for ŠKODA Motorsport cars. We were in charge of the process from the initial concept, through the development to homologation.
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Light development for ŠKODA AUTO

We have been working with ŠKODA AUTO for a long time to develop a wide
range of lighting technology for inside and outside vehicles.
We also test lights for ŠKODA.

Additional driving lights for
Škoda by Ondřej Klymčiw

For Dakar Rally competitor Ondřej Klymčiw, we provided the development of an additional headlight fully tailored to his race car. We made sure to tailor the resulting headlight to Ondrej's needs and to make the most of the headlight's technical capabilities.
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The whole process from A to Z

We can carry out complete concept design, prototype production, testing, homologation and series production. We work with you from the first idea to production.

Experience with the homologation process

Since we have already gone through the headlamp approval process several times, we know what to prepare for. We can facilitate the approval quickly and with high success.

Serial production

We can provide piece and small batch production of lights in high quality.

Own test room

We can test a wide range of stress situations in our own test laboratory.


Your data is safe with us. We are certified according to TISAX specifications.

The quality of our work is proven by other quality certificates such as ISO 9001.
More about our certifications

What do we work with?

All necessary equipment

We have all the equipment necessary to parameterize the key features of the headlights. An important tool is, for example, luxmeters, thanks to which we can accurately parameterise and compare luminosity.


Most of our work is done in software such as CATIA V5, ProEngineer/Creo, SolidWorks, LabView, Eagle, Visual Basic, Vector CANoe or vehicle diagnostics ODIS and VAS.

Accredited testing laboratory

The entire development process requires intensive testing of various stress situations. For us, this testing is easier thanks to our own accredited testing laboratory a few meters away from the development site.
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