H2BASE: hydrogen energy generator

A zero-emission alternative to diesel gensets: a hydrogen heat and power generator with an integrated hydrogen fuel cell.

  • Ideal as a primary or backup power source
  • The fuel is compressed hydrogen in cylinders, capacity 230 kWh
  • 30 kW of continuous electricity, power is scalable by adding additional modules

Zero emissions

H2BASE uses a hydrogen fuel cell, which is a 100% emission-free technology. Only pure H₂O is used as waste energy.

Transportable by pallet truck

For long-distance transport, a trailer behind the car is sufficient, on-site handling is possible with a pallet truck.

Remote monitoring

Thanks to remote monitoring, it is possible to remotely observe a number of operating parameters such as performance, fuel quantity, function status, etc.

The outputs are entirely up to you

The H2BASE outputs can be configured according to customer needs - AC/DC, CCS or CHAdeMO outputs are possible.

0 gCO2

30 kW

230 kWh

60 dB

The only issue
of the
system is clean water.
By adding
modules it is possible to scale
up to 100 kW.
Adding the
modules makes it possible to scale
Noise emissions
roughly at the level
of the air conditioning in the car.



Outdoor and indoor

Output energy

Electrical and thermal

Continuous power (1x M2 module)

up to 25 kW

Continuous power (4x M2 module)

up to 100 kW


90 kW fast charging station

3x 400 V; 3x 230 V AC outputs

DC output up to 1000 V

Outlet for hot water circuit


Municipal and cultural events
without emissions and noise

Diesel generators at cultural events need to be placed hundreds of metres away from the centre of the action because of the noise and smell. H2BASE's features make it possible to place
in the middle of the event and make it an interesting exhibit.

Reinforcing or replacing
power grid anywhere

H2BASE is a great solution for reinforcing or completely replacing the power grid where it is needed.

Backup power during disasters

In 2021, H2BASE proved to be a good source of energy during natural disasters - powering a school and two households during a power outage in tornado-hit Mikulčice.

A fast charger for electric cars, which you take away with a pallet truck

The system is capable of up to 100 kW, making it a great fast charger for electric vehicles and can be easily moved from place to place.
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