H2PORT: mobile hydrogen filling station

The easiest path to hydrogen infrastructure:

  • Works even without a mains connection
  • Can be filled at a public filling station
  • Smart cascade system for maximum use of stored hydrogen
  • Real-time online fulfilment status data

No need to connect to the mains

All the electronics are powered by an integrated battery that is charged when the filler is transported from the 12V socket of the towbar.

You just need a B+E driving licence
(and an ADR certificate)

A full H2PORT weighs only 3450 kg. You can therefore tow it behind a larger car or van.   

Remote monitoring

Thanks to the web interface, you can also monitor the filling process remotely.

Customized Filling Tips

350 or 700 bar? One or 2 outlets? It's up to you.

95,4 kg


only once a year

up to 3,5 tonnes

At a pressure of 500 bar
Proven safety
service inspection
Minimum moving parts due to no compressor
TOTAL weight
Including hydrogen supply


Total water volume

3,015 m³

Mass of stored hydrogen

95.4 kg at 500 bar pressure

Dimensions (HWD)

2332 x 2460 x 4637 mm

Hydrogen storage tank

9x Type 4 composite vessels, each with a water capacity of 335 litres, TPED certified

Usable hydrogen volume

up to 62% stored hydrogen at a pressure level of 350 bar

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