PHOTON Classic

LED auxiliary main beam. Modern technology in a classic round shape. Proven in the Classic category of the Dakar Rally.

  • Headlight consists of 12 LEDs with collimators
  • Aluminium body (lighter weight, good cooling, NC machined shape)
  • Ribs at the back for more efficient cooling due to the larger surface area
  • Control electronics ensure optimum LED voltage and monitor temperature

Tested by Dakar

The PHOTON Classic headlight shone on the road of Ondřej Klymčiw while competing in the Classic category of the famous Dakar Rally.

Classic shape, modern technology

With its round shape, the PHOTON Classic is ideal as an additional headlight for vintage rally cars. Inside, however, lies the latest technology.

Modern control electronics

LEDs are continuously monitored by control technology that monitors temperature, voltage and current throughout the headlamp system

Incomparable luminosity

LEDs with collimators provide a luminous flux of 10800 lm.

10800 lm

2150 g

130 W

6200 K

luminous flux
Power input
Shade of light


Luminous flux

10800 lm

Power input

130 W


162 x 162 x 60 mm


2150 g


4 main TIR collimators for distance illumination

8 secondary TIR collimators for ambient illumination

Photon Classic in practice

Ondřej Klymčiw and his Škoda

For Dakar Rally competitor Ondřej Klymčiw, we provided the development of an additional headlight fully tailored to his race car. We made sure to tailor the resulting headlight to Ondrej's needs and to make the most of the headlight's technical capabilities.
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