TPED bundle with pressure reductor

For the safe transport and storage of hydrogen

  • Can be filled at any public filling station
  • Easily transportable by pallet truck or forklift
  • CAN data output

Adjustable range of output pressures

from 10 to 22 bar

2 hydrogen outlets

Both provide the same output pressure.

Safety sensors

The bundle includes an integrated smoke sensor and hydrogen leak sensor.

Communication interface

The bundle transmits information about the status of the hydrogen volume via CAN data output.

14,1 kg


650 kg

789 mm

Safely stored and ready for use
Proven safety
total weight
Including stored hydrogen
For easy handling


Total water volume

0,45 m³

Mass of stored hydrogen

14.1 kg at 500 bar

Dimensions (HWD)

1935 x 1193 x 789 mm

Usable hydrogen volume

more than 90 % of the total volume (over 14 kg)

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