Watchdog: traction battery monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the internal safety parameters of the traction battery during storage and series production of EVs. Allows continuous monitoring of the values and alarm declaration in case of exceeding the limits.

  • Continuous battery monitoring and setting of alert options (fire department, sms, PCO, ...)
  • On-line communication (Wi-fi/GSM)
  • Monitors battery functions 24/7

Preventing battery damage

Watchdog reports battery undercharging in time to prevent battery destruction during storage.

Immediate notification

In the event of a critical situation such as high temperature or voltage, the system immediately alerts emergency services.

Motion detection

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, unwanted battery movement can be detected.

Evaluation of parameters over time

Watchdog monitors and stores all important data sequentially, which can be continuously evaluated.

14 days




On one charge
Watchdog can monitor the battery for up to 14 days on a single charge.
Communication with the battery is via CAN bus.
Monitored Batteries
Watchdog can monitor up to three traction batteries on a single charge.
Continuous operation
The system monitors the battery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Communication protocol



14 days on a single charge

Sensor battery

Li-Ion 2V/3200mAh


Wi-Fi module

GSM module

EMC compliant

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