The aim of the project is to retrofit the facilities of the applicant company to expand the development and testing of hydrogen applications.

DEVINN, s.r.o., is implementing the DEVINN Hydrogen Applications Development Centre project, the aim of which is to retrofit the company's facilities for expanding the development of hydrogen applications. The project will acquire technology and software to facilitate the development and testing of hydrogen applications. The result should be a new centre that will provide a unique design and build process for complex units at all stages of development and testing. This project is supported by funding from the European Union (OP PIK).

The DEVINN Hydrogen Applications Development Centre project has added R&D centres consisting of the acquisition of equipment and other centre facilities:

  • Vibration test condition
  • Load test:
  • Current probe 150A
  • Oscilloscope  
  • Electronic ballast  
  • Oscilloscope - HDO4024A  
  • Hydrogen cell
  • SoLiSi (in JBC)
  • Hydrogen energy storage
  • Hydrogen tank  
  • PV
  • Electrolyser  
  • Pressure test equipment
  • Suitcase with tools
  • Band saw
  • 3D printer
  • Forging machine including technological components
  • Marking laser
  • Solidworks
  • Altium
  • CANoe
  • CANoe PRO

The research infrastructure can be accessed by other users as a commercial service.

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