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Hydrogen and electromobility

VISION: What could be the ideal week of our H2BASE?

Imagine: Hydrogen is no longer a technology of the distant future. It's the end of 2025, a smart city has just purchased an island hydrogen power and heat source called H2BASE. It's emission-free, mobile, high-capacity and labeled "Made in Czech Republic".


It's December 6, 2025, and the H2BASE system has been powering the construction road closure with electricity and heat for four days. The highway culvert must be completed on schedule. The emission-free island system is lighting the site, powering the power tools and heating the construction facilities in this bitter weather.


Freezers at a nearby industrial site have requested to borrow H2BASE's green energy source. They need to bridge the transition time to the new technology. During the switchover, an outage would cause a large loss of frozen commodities.


As every Wednesday, the H2BASE facility is located in the parking lot in front of the Town Hall. A kind of fast charger on trial with a fixed schedule so that electric motorists can count on it on their way downtown. It appears here periodically in order to gather statistical data and detect potential problems before building a stationary charging station


The H2BASE equipment has been transported to the place of further need - due to a planned shutdown, the wastewater treatment plant technology has been disconnected from the power supply. Thanks to the operation of this hydrogen power plant, it is not necessary to interrupt the processes in the technology.


The H2BASE facility is operated in pilot mode as a mobile charging station for electric vehicles. Via the CarEn app, anyone interested in recharging their car can call the off-road mobile fast charger directly to their car. The set-up is loaded on a set of trucks up to 3.5 t and charges the individual "customers" according to an algorithm with the priority of minimizing service time. Thanks to the mobile charging station, one parked and fully discharged electric car in the city centre is also recharged. Next Friday will be more challenging - the city is hosting a conference, and during the program H2BASE will recharge EVs waiting for their owners in the parking lot.


The pumping station of the waterworks above the town stands in the protected zone of the water source. In the event of a power failure, it is not possible to use a non-environmentally friendly diesel generator here. Therefore, an H2BASE system is added in island power plant mode. We are testing the power supply from an external source. After completion of the test operation, the system is transported for further use.


H2BASE is located in the main square, where it is used to power the entertainment attractions and stalls of the Second Sunday of Advent. Waste heat is preferably used. Visitors standing by the stage and sipping mulled wine are warmed by hot air fans. All the energy that warms the event participants, feeds them with food and drink, and provides them with an audiovisual experience is generated without any emissions or operational burden on the surrounding environment. This is the comprehensive environmental provision of an urban event.

This is also what the future can look like, powered by our H2BASE. This hydrogen fuel cell-based energy source finds its application virtually anywhere a diesel generator is used - in urban events, construction or as a backup power source. Variable AC/DC, CCS and CHAdeMO outputs ensure full connectivity with electric vehicles.

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